Growing Regulatory Demands

Regulatory demands for stronger product security and practices are growing across industries and jurisdictions due to a global increase in malicious activity of various forms and purposes.

This results with the expanded adoption of a cybersecurity “mindset” that is expected from both product developers and organizations implementing connected products.

More and more organizations from government agencies at different levels and industry bodies such as the European Commission, FDA, ISO, FISMA, NIST and others are scrutinizing and enforcing a broader set of criteria and controls to safeguard critical services, privacy and more. Failure to follow these evolving regulations can result in product delays, loss of revenue, damaged reputation, product recalls, and more.

Hardenite - Maintain security compliance

Staying in Compliance

Whether you are developing a connected product that makes use of embedded software or you’re implementing such products in your operational environment to deliver a critical service, the growing regulatory requirements in your industry and/or jurisdiction expect you to establish and maintain adequate security controls throughout the whole product lifecycle. Including an ongoing process for proactively identifying cybersecurity hazards allows you to evaluate, prioritize and mitigate the associated risks in the most effective manner and stay in compliance with the evolving regulatory frameworks governing your industry.

Hardenite Audit

Hardenite Audit is the ultimate tool for this task.

It scans your product for all Linux related security vulnerabilities and provides actionable and comprehensive remediation recommendations. Learn more how Hardenite Audit can help your company to release secure products.

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