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Companies developing Linux OS-based products face a major challenge: the necessity to constantly harden the critical software foundation as part of the overall product security and reliability effort. This effort includes auditing the system for various known and fast-spreading Linux ecosystem-related security vulnerabilities, weaknesses, and exploits.

Hardenite - Deliver secured products

The challenge: ensure your Linux-based system is 360° secured

Patch vulnerable components present in file system

Linux Kernel, dynamic libraries and executables are potentially vulnerable. They can be installed as part of a packaging system (e.g. rpm for Red Hat, deb for Ubuntu) or manually built and installed with potential for human error or malicious conduct.


  • HW modules and components which may include vulnerable firmware
  • Domain specific compliance tests
  • Network services configurations
  • Emerging and zero-day security announcements (not yet CVEs)


Scan the the system ingress points: open ports, network services, etc. Match the services with open ports with vulnerabilities found in the binaries.

Access and Permissions

Fix weak password encryption, security gaps in access protection of shell or system files, wrong file permissions, etc.

Hardenite - Infinity

This challenge is not a “one and done” job.

Product development teams must adopt software security practices of monitoring and securing their embedded product security throughout the entire product life cycle in a continuous manner

Hardenite - R&D is a dynamic process
Hardenite Audit

Hardenite Audit is the ultimate tool for this task.

It scans your product for all Linux related security vulnerabilities and provides actionable and comprehensive remediation recommendations. Learn more how Hardenite Audit can help your company to release secure products.

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