Our mission is:
Hardenite’s mission is to provide product vendors, users and the security industry at large, the best holistic solution for the visibility and control of embedded software security.

About Hardenite

Established in 2018 by a team of veteran security and embedded software experts with decades of combined experience in security consulting and the practice of hardening embedded software in products across the military, industry, electronics and other industries, the company’s flagship product “Hardenite Audit” allows product vendors to implement “Security-by-Design” for products based on the broad variety and permutations of the Linux Operating System.

Our solution covers all aspects of security vulnerabilities and hardening implementations utilizing a vast and continuously expanding “know-how” in the embedded systems and machine learning domains. In its current version, Hardenite Audit Linux OS – DevSecOps solution, enables organizations to meet product release schedules with hardened Linux while deploying a continuous detection and remediation prioritization process.

The company also assists product users with the implementation of Hardenite Audit to perform vulnerability assessments of products and devices being considered or already in their possession to ensure they can meet and exceed their cybersecurity goals and related industry regulations.

Management Team

Alex Lurye - CO-founder, CTO Hardenite

Alex Lurye

Co-founder, Head of product development

Software engineering expert for Linux, Android, Networking, Security and Embedded systems. Trivium’s CTO since 2008. Held positions in Symantec, ICQ and SRL. B.Sc. in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Alexey Dyatchkov - CO-founder, VP R&D Hardenite

Alexey Dyatchkov

Co-founder, VP R&D and acting CEO

RT/Embedded software development expert with more than 20 years of experience. Held various management positions in Waves Audio, TTI and vTrails. M.Sc. in Computer Science.


Adi Kabazo

Provides Hardenite with Product Commercialization and Channel Strategy expertise built on decades of international experience that was cultivated in startups and enterprises spanning a vast range of technology products and services

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