Mitigate security risks of third-party products in your network or operations

Many operators and integrators across industries such as utilities, telecommunications, financial services and healthcare are facing a growing need for securing their products and services. To do so they must also find ways to ensure that any third-party product being sourced and integrated into their operations is secured from vulnerabilities as well.

This is often seen as a challenging task since in most cases the product is provided by the vendor as a “black box”, making the task of a security audit much harder if not impossible. 

One way to deal with this issue is to request the product manufacturer to provide an unencrypted version of the firmware, in order to scan it for security flaws. Hardenite audit is capable of scanning firmware as well as virtual machine disks for known vulnerabilities and security flaws. We support various zip formats (e.g. tar.gz) as well as vmdk/ova files.

Hardenite - Mitigate security risks of third-party suppliers' products
Hardenite Audit

Hardenite Audit is the ultimate tool for this task.

Our solution is empowered with smart binary scan capabilities. It  can scan firmware to identify all security vulnerabilities which are present in a third party product. Learn more how Hardenite Audit can help your company to release secure products.

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