Hardenite Audit

Linux security audit tool

Linux security audit integrated into the SDLC: Hardenite Audit is an automatic security audit tool which enables e2e security management and risk mitigation in Linux based products.

Hardenite Audit - Linux security by design
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Deep inspection

Deep binary inspection of the actual Linux software present on target, combined with comprehensive set of smart CVE scanning algorithms, hardening checks, port scanning, system configuration and advanced tests provide an unmatched visibility and full coverage of all Linux security issues which exist on the audited device.

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Actionable recommendations

Actionable remediation recommendations are provided for most of the security vulnerabilities discovered by Hardenite Linux security audit tool, saving valuable R&D time. We provide code patches, package updates as well as configuration changes needed to secure your Linux product.

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Helps you stay on schedule

Integrating Hardenite Audit into the SDLC will allow your development teams to power through to release schedules without compromising on security. During the production stage as well, Hardenite Audit is the right tool monitor the security of the Linux and to keep your team updated with zero day vulnerabilities, so they can issue timely updates and reduce risk exposure.

360° Linux Security Audit tool

360° Linux Security Audit

Binary CVE scan

Hardenite CVE scan is unique: Binary powered by Maschine learning identifies all known vulnerabilitiesfilters out positives

Network scan

Open ports, network services, unencrypted protocols, weak cyphers and more

Hardenite - 360° Linux Security Audit

Hardening audit

Password strength and encryption, wrong permissions, system configuration etc.

Advanced tests

Hardware, runtime specific tests, fresh security breaches, announcements and more

Hardenite Audit features set

  • Fully automatic audit process
  • Agent-less (no installation on target device)
  • Supports any Linux flavour
  • CPU architecture agnostic
  • 360° comprehensive security audit
  • Actionable remediation recommendations
Hardenite Audit features set
Hardenite Easy deployment

Easy deployment

  • Install and run in minutes
  • Intuitive and simple web interface
  • CLI interface for integration with automation servers

360° Security

  • Audit baseline: easy filtering on report items
  • Dry run: keep monitoring released versions for zero
    day vulnerabilities, without a live target instance
  • Track version progress (delta comparison)
  • Integration with popular project management tools (Jira)
Hardenite 360° Security

Shorter R&D cycle with Hardenite Audit

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Hardenite CVE scan is unique:
Binary scan, powered by Machine learning, identifies all known vulnerabilities and filters out false positives

  • Hardware
  • Runtime specific tests
  • Fresh security breaches
  • Announcements
  • and more
  • Open ports
  • Network services
  • Unencrypted protocols
  • Weak cyphers
  • and more
  • Password strength and
  • Wrong permissions
  • System configuration
  • etc.

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