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Elevating product security in a seamless and cost effective manner.
Hardenite - Linux OS security by design

Reduce embedded software vulnerability to Cyber Attacks with our

360°, Automatic, Continuous Security Risk Assessment Solution

Hardenite provides the most comprehensive Linux OS security risk assessment, mitigation and remediation solution.

Our solution scans your product, detects all Linux related security vulnerabilities, and provides actionable remediation recommendations – giving you the full visibility and prevention capabilities you need.

Hardenite - Implement Security and Hardening Best Practices

Implement Security and Hardening Best Practices

Hardenite - Help Enforce Regulatory Compliance

Help Enforce Regulatory Compliance

Hardenite - Audit third-party suppliers’ products for security vulnerabilities

Audit third-party suppliers’ products for security vulnerabilities

Solution for integrator to assess the third party components for security vulnerabilities - firmware audit/live audit

Managing Linux security is a complicated process which requires major ongoing effort. 

Choosing an effective tool for this purpose is critical for mission success. The right Linux security audit tool should answer the following challenges:

  • Comprehensive vulnerabilities detection. Software installed on a Linux system can come from a package manager or can be manually built. In both cases it should be precisely identified and mapped to known vulnerabilities. 
  • Low to no false positive reports. In order to bring real value, a security audit report should contain the most relevant and accurate list of vulnerabilities which are actually present in the software.
  • 360⁰ Linux security audit. Ensuring that hardening best practices are in place, analyzing open ports and network services, checking potentially vulnerable hardware components – all these are a part of the Linux security puzzle and should be addressed properly.
  • Simple integration into the ongoing R&D cycle. Complex integration efforts, interference with software build process, necessity to install dedicated agents on Linux target, dependence on known Linux distributions – all these can bring a major overhead and minimize added value brought by the tool. 

Hardenite audit is designed to answer all the challenges and provide a dedicated, state of the art level, Linux security audit tool to the market.

We support them all:

All major Linux distributions are supported, as well as Embedded Linux and custom Linux versions

Hardenite - Red Hat, yocto, Debian, Ubuntu security

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